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Kinder and Preschool Incursion Program

Our engaging bee incursion program is designed specifically for kindergarten and preschool children aged three to seven years. It is an energetic one hour experience filled with singing, dancing, and lots of learning about our friends the bees.

Field Trip

Citizen Science

Learn all about biodiversity and flexible volunteering through citizen science projects.  We'll discover why data is important for conservation decision making and practice a pollinator count in your local area.

Bee for biodiversity participant.jpg

School holiday programs

Full and half day programs guaranteed to keep the kids buzzing with excitement.  We'll make native bee hotels, play bee themed games and try some delicious flavours of honey

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Primary School incursion program

Your students will be immersed in the biodiverse world of bees! This 90 minute incursion is tailored for ages eight and up.  Students will embark on an exploration of insect identification, hive dynamics, life cycles, and the intriguing concept of superorganisms. Delve into the significance of pollination for plant growth and food security. Plus, we'll savor the unique flavors of different honey varieties with a delicious honey tasting.

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